Woman dies of breast cancer after using fake Facebook account to buy braids

A woman has died after she bought fake braids and fake photos of herself online.

A post on the social media website Facebook said the death was due to cancer and the post has since been removed.

The post said the deceased was a resident of Mumbai, and that her husband had died last month.

“Her husband died last October in Hyderabad.

The post was shared by her mother-in-law, who posted the photo of the fake braided women, and a friend, and shared it on Facebook,” the post said.”

She was also posting a post with fake braid photo on the post with the deceased.

We did not receive any notification from Facebook.”

Facebook said it had taken action against the post and that it would remove it as soon as it was reviewed.

The woman, whose identity was not given, was identified as Arjun Jain.

The deceased was identified by a friend as Jeeva.

A friend told The Indian Express that she had sent her the photo on Facebook after she had visited the deceased’s house and found a fake braiding outfit.

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