Why Greece’s Greek Orthodox Church’s Father Malo died in 2012

The Greek Orthodox patriarch of the Roman Catholic church, Father Malos, died on May 18, 2012 at age 81, the Vatican said in a statement.

The Greek newspaper El Pais published an obituary for Father Malofe, whose funeral Mass was attended by hundreds of faithful.

He had been living in exile in Italy.

The priest died of a heart attack, the church said in the statement.

His wife, the late St. Eleana, had suffered a stroke and died at home.

His brother, Bishop George, has been charged with abuse of minors and has pleaded not guilty.

He is scheduled to appear in court on May 19.

The Vatican said he died “at the request of the church and the state of Italy, in order to ensure that his remains are not buried at sea or otherwise disposed of at sea.”

The statement said that he had “continued his service to the church, in the interests of the entire community, and the entire Christian community, including to all those who do not subscribe to the Catholic faith.”

The church has denied any involvement in the abuse of children.

The New York-based International Catholic Church has denounced Father Malostro, who was appointed bishop in 2006.

It said he had been accused of abusing boys.

He said in 2008 he had not abused any boys but that he has been guilty of sexual abuse of a young girl.

Father Maloes family had been struggling financially and had been on a food bank for years, his daughter told the AP.

She said that Father Malocco had also taken her to a Catholic church in northern Italy and to a monastery.

The AP’s Michael R. Pescini contributed to this report.

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