Why Google’s #MeToo hashtag is a good thing for women

If you were thinking about taking action against the sexism and misogyny that you see in tech, you might want to start with Google. 

In the past year, the company has come under fire for allowing a former Google employee to be fired over a sexual harassment complaint, for failing to respond to a harassment complaint filed by a former employee, and for making a controversial decision to stop paying a former manager $1.5 million in severance for leaving the company. 

While Google may not have the biggest numbers of employees, its diversity team is the largest in the tech industry, and a former executive told TechRadars that Google had a higher percentage of women on its leadership team than any other company in the industry. 

According to a recent survey by Women in Tech, Google had more women than any of the other tech companies surveyed. 

The survey found that while women were underrepresented in leadership roles in some of the companies surveyed, women were the most likely to be hired into senior roles. 

Google was not immediately available for comment.

Google’s decision to fire its former head of diversity, Jen Sullivan, and her partner is being widely criticized as the company’s response to a complaint against a former high-ranking executive. 

“It is unfortunate that this was brought to our attention, but we feel that the facts speak for themselves,” Google’s statement said.

“The facts are that Ms. Sullivan’s dismissal was made following a thorough and careful review of the facts and the law, which was conducted by a senior legal team that is experienced in such matters. 

As with all issues of workplace discrimination, Google has a zero tolerance policy against sexual harassment, which is why we’ve been taking these matters very seriously.

We have already been making progress in creating a culture that is inclusive and supports our employees. 

This is just one of many cases in which Google’s leadership has come in for criticism for their treatment of women. “

We take all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and are committed to addressing them and making every effort to ensure that our employees feel supported and protected in any work environment.” 

This is just one of many cases in which Google’s leadership has come in for criticism for their treatment of women.

Last month, a female engineer was fired after being accused of sexual assault.

The incident took place on Google’s internal YouTube video platform, and Google fired the woman in retaliation for her complaints. 

It is not the first time that Google has come to the attention of the #MeThatsYou movement.

In February, a Google engineer was accused of rape and harassment after an online video surfaced of a male colleague assaulting a female colleague. 

Women in tech have been speaking out about Google’s culture and hiring practices in recent months.

A petition has garnered over 200,000 signatures, and women in tech are calling for a boycott of the company and the CEO of Google.

A Google representative did not immediately respond to requests for comment for this article. 

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