Which men are best at wearing shorts?

The short-shorts have come to represent all kinds of men’s styles, from conservative to gay male.

But what’s the best one?

And why is it the most popular?

Here are 10 of the top-selling shorts.


Short-shorter male celebrities: Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler, Matt Damon, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Matt Bomer, Russell Crowe and John Cena Source: The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images”Short shorts have always been popular with gay male porn stars,” says Michaela Janczuk, an industry analyst at research firm The J.D. Power andamp;amp; Associates.

“They’re the best way to showcase their figure, and there’s a whole other aspect to them as well.”2.

Short men’s haircuts: Tom Hanks, Michael Bublé, and Mark Wahlberg have all worn short haircuts on the red carpet.

The trend is gaining popularity among gay male stars, who can’t get the same haircut they do with their partners.3.

Short guys are more likely to have gay male sex: Many gay male performers have sex with men or women of the same sex.

The average male gay male has sex with at least one other man every month.

“Short men can get away with it a little bit more than straight men, because they have less pressure to be honest with their partner,” says Kevin Kline, the director of the Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies at The University of Virginia.4.

Short male celebrities: John Malkovich, Ben Affleck, Kevin Hart, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, James Franco, Matt Dillon, and Michael Bay are all short male celebrities.


Short women’s haircuttons: There are plenty of short women in porn, but some are a little different than others.

For example, there are some shorter women in male-dominated porn like Fifty Shades of Grey, but there are also some short women who are very outspoken about their sexuality.

“There are some women who will say they’ve never been in a porn shoot, but they’ve had a lot of sex,” says Jancsuk.6.

Short female celebs: Some women are even starting to look like their male counterparts.

Actress Julia Roberts, who was nominated for an Oscar for playing the lead in the film “The Hurt Locker,” recently said she wants to play a short woman in the upcoming film “Fifty Shades of Gray.”

“I want to be in a film where I am the main character, the main femme fatale, because I love femmes,” Roberts said at the time.7.

Short, short men: Short men are the most common type of men in the gay male world.

But some of the most recognizable male porn actors are also short men.

For instance, Michael Jordan, who is short, was voted the “sexiest man alive” by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008.8.

Short celebs like John Malkiewicz: John Loves Movies, a production company that produces short films for men, says it has worked with male stars to make short movies.

“In the last two years we’ve made six short films and we’ve shot the first two, and we have a lot more coming,” says director Steve Blum.

“I’ve always wanted to do a short film.

We always try to work with men who are the best at doing it.”9.

Short haircuts for gay male celebrity: Some gay male male porn performers like Mark Wachowski and Tom Cruise wear short haircut in their films.

But there are plenty more who aren’t as bold as they appear.

For some of these performers, short haircutes have become a fashion statement.10.

Short hair is a fashion trend: Gay male porn star Cameron Diaz is famous for wearing short hair, which has also become a hot trend.

In 2014, he said, “If you want to know how many people think I’m short, you have to go look at me.”

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