Which man should I be?

It’s the ultimate challenge, and it’s for the men, too.

The male body drawing challenge, as it’s known in the body drawing world, is a way to celebrate and show off the diversity of your male anatomy, from your stomach to your chest. 

The challenge takes place every year in the UK, with some drawing competitions taking place in different countries.

The challenge has gone viral on Twitter, and the UK’s Daily Mail reports that over 2,500 entries were submitted for the UK competition, and around 10,000 entries were received for the other competitions in the world.

Here’s how it works.

The man goes to a doctor for an examination, which can take up to 20 minutes.

After the doctor says he’s finished, he’s given the option to draw a different male body from his test results.

For example, if the doctor gives him a negative result for testicular cancer, he could draw a guy with a large testicle, or a guy that looks like a penis.

When the doctor confirms the result, the doctor then writes a note in his notes that reads “the man with the highest score was my first choice.”

The man can then share this with the doctor’s wife or friends, who then can nominate their own man.

After the doctor reads all of the entries, he will write down the doctor and the winner’s names.

The man’s name will be entered into a draw, with the winner receiving a prize of $200 and the doctor $100.

Then the doctor will have a chance to win his own drawing.

The prize is $500.

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