Which male names are trending on CNN?

Most of us recognize the names we see in the news these days: President Trump, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Mnuchin, Eric Trump, Mike Pence.

But we don’t see many men named Trump, Bannon, Conway, Mnuchin or Pence.

We don’t know which of these men is a transgender man, which is the gender they were assigned at birth.

In fact, CNN has been a consistent source of misinformation about trans people since its launch.

The network was forced to apologize for misleading viewers about a transgender woman named Jennifer, who transitioned from male to female in 2013.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and his colleague Alisyn Camerota have repeatedly misrepresented trans people, including using transphobic language.

And on Monday, CNN anchor Don Lemon called out a transgender activist who is a Republican for “defending the rights of people who have no right to defend themselves.”

It’s not only inaccurate, but it’s dangerous to be in a position of power, Lemon told viewers on “New Day” Monday.

The problem with that is that, as CNN’s own Erin Burnett pointed out in a video for The Huffington Post, transgender activists have been known to murder people.

And as BuzzFeed News reported, the murder of a transgender transgender woman in Ohio last year “suggests that transphobia is not a problem isolated to CNN or to people who don’t have a vested interest in the facts.

It’s a problem that impacts us all.”

The truth is, there are people who feel unsafe being in public spaces, including in a gender neutral bathroom.

They are known to target transgender people in public bathrooms and use the men’s bathroom to go to the men in their lives.

CNN’s mistake is that it does not acknowledge the risk transgender people are facing in public restrooms, especially transgender men.

It has also failed to understand the transgender community’s long history of violence, including murder.

A 2016 study of transgender people who reported being sexually assaulted at a women’s shelter found that nearly 60% of transgender men and women said they experienced physical, emotional, and sexual violence.

CNN also does not recognize the risk that trans people face in the workplace, even when they are in a male-only space, or when they do not identify with the male gender.

It also fails to understand that transgender people’s experiences of harassment and discrimination are far worse than the transgender population itself.

Transgender women are more likely to be physically assaulted in the bathroom, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, a leading civil rights organization in the U.S. A transgender woman has told HuffPost she was sexually assaulted in her workplace and that a supervisor told her to “shut the f**k up” in an email to a female colleague, not once, but multiple times.

In her 2016 study, which was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Dr. Katherine Hamlin found that transgender women who worked in the military reported having experienced workplace harassment and harassment of their gender identity.

In addition, transgender women were twice as likely as transgender men to report experiencing physical or sexual violence, according the study.

CNN has also been a reliable source for inaccurate and misleading news about transgender people, according a survey conducted by the Williams Institute and the Transgender Law Center.

In 2015, a survey of nearly 6,000 transgender people found that a quarter said they believed transgender people were “miscegenated,” and that one in five transgender people thought they were being bullied in school.

Transgender people are more than twice as often surveyed as the general population, but are not counted in the transgender census.

This survey also found that 60% said they were less likely to seek medical care for gender dysphoria, which can cause dysphoria.

According to the survey, more than three in four transgender people have experienced some form of violence.

These issues need to be addressed, not glossed over.

But the CNN anchor does not understand this or does not want to acknowledge it.

We want to know the truth.

We have reached out to CNN for comment and will update if we receive a response.

The Transgender Law Foundation has a report, “Transgender Hate Crimes: What’s The Big Deal?”

The report, which details the history of hate crimes against transgender people and the impact of discrimination in America, highlights the harm that has been done.

We need to protect transgender people from discrimination and violence.

The report also highlights the importance of understanding the impact the violence and discrimination have on transgender people.

The study found that when the trans community faces harassment or violence in public, transgender people experience higher rates of suicide.

More than a third of transgender youth report that they have attempted suicide, according this report.

The Center for American Progress has also compiled a report that examines the effects of gender identity discrimination and transgender people of color.

The research highlights the racial disparities in the lives of transgender and gender nonconforming people and is a clear call to action.

Transgender advocates have been critical of CNN

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