Transgender ballet dancer wins £6,000 prize

Transgender female ballet dancer Emma Stroud won the Queen’s Jubilee 2015 Arts and Crafts Award for her work as a transgender male ballet performer, the BBC reports.

The Queen’s award recognises the achievements of transgender people and gender-diverse artists.

Stroud, who is a member of the Trans March for Gender Equality, has been performing as transgender male for almost a decade.

She won the award at the Queen Elizabeth II Arts and Arts Festival in August.

Transgender male ballet artist Emma Stroyd has won the £6k prize for her innovative transgender performance, the Queen has been told.

Stroyd won the 2015 Queen’s Arts and Casts Arts and crafts award for her groundbreaking work as transgender female dancer, a member the Trans march for Gender Equity.

In the video, Stroud dances in a transmasculine outfit.

The award recognisitng transgender artists and artists of colour, says the Queen.

It recognises trans people who have been accepted, encouraged, and supported in their work.

It also recognises transgender people who are part of the broader community of performers, singers, dancers, musicians, dancers of all genders and identities.

“As a society we must be more accepting and inclusive of all transgender people, regardless of their gender identity or expression, so as to allow us to celebrate the arts and craft of every form of creativity,” she said.

Trans artists will receive up to £6m to support their work, and the Queen will be supporting artists in the arts who are transgender.

The BBC reported that the Queen had received support from a number of artists, including British dance group The Black Cat, who were also nominated for the award.

“The Queen is truly honoured to have received this prestigious award from the Queen of England, for her efforts in promoting the arts,” said the group’s managing director, Michaela Rennie.

The prize was announced in a ceremony in Windsor Castle.

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