This man, who is now an ageless male, is still ageless. He just started to see his male friends and family again.

“It’s been an absolute blast, man,” said the 31-year-old.

“I think I’ve got a whole new perspective of what being gay means to me, and I have the ability to love who I am and to love my friends and my family more than I ever have before.”

He added that “being an agender man” has made him “more than a little freaked out by the idea of a man having a penis and female hormones.”

“It makes me feel like I’m not quite who I’m supposed to be,” he said.

“My life is still going to be a little different from other guys, but I’m also really happy about that.”

“I’m a little bit more liberated by that, to be honest,” he added.

“Being an agendered male, you have a whole different set of privileges.

It just means I’m allowed to be who I truly am and I’m able to be my true self.”

According to his blog, the man was diagnosed with male hypocelectomy in May, which means the test is now a permanent, irreversible procedure.

He has since undergone more than 30 surgeries, which has left him with a very rare condition that causes a condition known as hypogonia.

The condition can be diagnosed by a lab test or physical examination, which is usually done by a physician.

This patient, who goes by the name “Cody,” was diagnosed after he began experiencing symptoms of hypogonic episodes, including fatigue and dizziness, during a recent trip to the grocery store.

“At first, I thought it was just an anxiety thing,” Cody said.

But then I started seeing it was something that wasn’t normal, and it was like, oh my god, this is actually real.

“The more I tried to think about it, the more I realized it was the same as male hypoparectomy.

There’s no surgery involved, just a lot of medical monitoring, and they just took the test,” he explained.

Cody, who has been diagnosed with hypogonial syndrome, also has no genitalia, so his condition doesn’t cause him any problems with genitalia.

But he is still able to wear clothes and touch himself and his genitals, which he uses to make friends and socialize.

“It just feels so amazing to be able to do it, to have the chance to touch myself and my genitals,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“When I go to the bathroom, I touch myself in the mirror and then I do the sex act.

It’s like I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Cody has been in a relationship with a man since May, and said he has been attracted to both men and women since he first started having sex.

“There’s nothing that I’ve ever done in my life that has changed me, not one bit,” he admitted.

“But I think my ability to go out and touch myself has made me feel a lot more liberated.”

He also said that being gay has given him the ability “to be more accepting and to accept others.”

He said that he is now able to go “out to the bar and have sex, and everyone loves me, I can tell you that.”

Cody said that as a cisgender man, he has always felt “more alone, more isolated, and more alone in my world.”

“Being a transgender man, you don’t feel that way, you just want to go to a gay bar and do the same thing,” he continued.

“So being able to touch yourself and touch other people and be able and enjoy it, that just made it all worth it.”

Cody explained that his partner is “just like me,” and that he has not experienced the kind of feelings of attraction that he experienced with his “transgender friends.”

“The only thing that I have noticed is that I feel more comfortable with him,” he revealed.

“He’s not the type of guy that’s going to get me into trouble, but he’s not a guy that I’m looking for either.”

Cody is now living in a dorm at the University of Minnesota, where he is studying to be an engineering major.

He hopes to pursue a career in science and technology.

But even though he has experienced many of the physical changes that transgender people have experienced, Cody said he is not ready to “move out” of his current home yet.

“As I get older, I just want the chance, like I did with my friends, to move on, and that’s when I’m going to do my transition,” he recalled.

“And I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m doing.”

BuzzFeed News reached out to the university for comment.

“We do not comment on the safety or status of individuals,” said spokesperson for the university, Amy Prakash

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