The Pope and a man with a pen: ‘I am not a man’

The Pope has been accused of “manipulating” his sexuality in a video that has gone viral online, after a video surfaced of him performing a mannequin with a penis, in front of a large crowd.

The clip, which was shot by a cameraman in the Vatican, shows the Pope in front a crowd of pilgrims in St Peter’s Square, where he is addressing a gathering of faithful, including a man who had been recently diagnosed with male infertility.

The man was a former seminarian who had just married a woman and has been struggling with infertility.

In the clip, the Pope is shown posing in front the man in front, with a mane of hair pulled back to show off his penis.

“I am the same as everyone else, but I am not the same,” the Pope said, referring to the man’s condition.

“If I were, I would have never married.

I am the one with the penis, the one who can make love with it.

It’s the same with my wife, my mother.”

The Pope’s comments were made in a speech that he gave to the crowd on Thursday.

He said he is “very aware of the situation of a man like me, who is very old, very frail, who has very many problems, a man of very many limitations”.

“I try to help him, to give him support, to help to keep him calm, to provide him with the strength to carry out his tasks.

I do not try to change him, but to help,” he said.”

It’s the way of God, the way we should live our lives.

It makes us better, it makes us stronger.

It is my duty to help.”

The Vatican has yet to issue an official statement on the video.

Pope Francis, who had earlier been criticised for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, was also seen speaking to a crowd, including an elderly woman who said she had been left with the flu.

The Pope is the latest pontiff to have a fling with a woman, following the former US president Michelle Obama, the Dalai Lama and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

On Tuesday, Pope Francis spoke about his relationship with an elderly nun, saying she has “a lot of problems, she has problems with pain and she needs to have help”.

In January, a video of Pope Francis meeting the head of a women’s charity in the Sistine Chapel had been viewed nearly one million times on YouTube.

A woman who was present at the meeting said that she had “never had anything to do with this guy”.

“He had a pen and he said ‘thank you’ and then he took his pen away and then took his underwear off and put it in his lap and he started kissing me,” the woman, who declined to be named, told Reuters news agency.

“He was very gentle and he just asked me a question.

I didn’t know what was going on and I didn.

It was a very gentle conversation.””

I don’t know why people are so quick to make the accusation of manipulation,” she added.

Pope Joseph said he was not a woman”But it’s a pity that this woman has to go through this kind of situation”He told the congregation that he is a man and that he was “not a man”.

“As I say to the young woman, if you are a man, you are also a man.

You can be a woman too, and a woman as well, you can do whatever you want.

You are always a man,” he added.

The Vatican’s secretary of state, Angelino Alfano, said on Tuesday that the Pope had never had a “private relationship” with a priest.

“The Holy Father is not a priest,” he told reporters.

“The Holy See does not recognise a priest as a minister, nor does it recognise a private relationship between a priest and a married woman.”

Pope Francis is to visit Rome on Tuesday, when he is expected to attend Mass with the congregation, and to hold an extraordinary session of the Pontifical Council for Bishops.

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