Male slave auctioneer arrested over alleged rape of male maid

A man has been arrested on suspicion of rape after allegedly sexually assaulting a male slave auctioneers.

Key points:Police are treating the case as a sexual assaultPolice are trying to trace a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by the owner of a man who sold female slaves in the south-west of the countryThe man has since been released without chargePolice have said they are treating this as a case of sexual assault.

The man, who has not been named, was arrested on Tuesday after the alleged incident took place on a caravan on the Gold Coast.

The incident took up to four hours, the police said, and was allegedly reported to police on Monday.

A man has allegedly been arrested after allegedly raping a male auctioneer in the Gold-crest regionPolice said the incident happened on a truck in the South West of the island.

The woman said she was approached by the man while she was travelling with her boyfriend, and that he allegedly raped her.

She said she tried to call the police but they didn’t pick up the phone.

“I tried calling them again and again and they never picked up my phone call, so I called the police, and they came,” she said.

“And I asked them what the police were going to do, and I said, ‘You can’t do anything, they’re not going to help me’.”

The woman’s boyfriend has since spoken to the police.

The alleged victim has since contacted police and is now assisting them with the investigation.

“She has contacted us and she’s told us what’s happened and she wants to come and speak to us, and we’re just really hoping for the best and hoping that this is not a big deal,” Senior Sergeant David Johnson said.

Mr Johnson said the case was still being investigated by police.

“We do know that this man is quite the character and he’s had a long history with women, but we also know that he’s a very well-known person in the community,” he said.

Police have also been involved in a number of similar sexual assault cases, but have not yet seen the alleged victim’s account of the alleged rape.

“It’s a serious matter, and it’s a matter of concern to us that the person in question is a known person and that there may be other victims out there who have not come forward,” Sergeant Johnson said

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