‘Mala’ star Michaela Watkins’ mom reveals her son is not gay, ‘they’re a very good couple’

The actor, who played the character of Samara in the Netflix original series, told People magazine that her son Michaela is not a lesbian.

“He is not bisexual.

He is a man,” Watkins said.

“They’re a really good couple.”

Watkins, who has been married to her husband for nearly 20 years, was asked by People if her son, who is 28 years old, had been a lesbian and responded, “yes, he’s bisexual.”

She continued, “He has a very wonderful family.”

“He has been with two women, he is a very great father to a lovely young child and I have no doubt that he is just as wonderful a man as he was when he was a boy,” Watkins added.

Wathes’ comments come days after actress and model Jessica Biel revealed that she had been dating the openly gay actor.

“I have a boyfriend,” Biel told People.

“He’s an amazing guy, he has amazing friends and he’s very open with me about it.

He’s not gay.”

Biel, 29, was dating the actor in 2014 when she revealed her attraction to him.

“A couple of months ago I was on the set of ‘The Bachelor,'” Biel, 28, said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in April.

“We were kissing and touching, and he asked if I was gay.

And I was like, ‘No, I’m not gay,’ and he was like ‘Are you?’

And I’m like, yeah, we’re both gay, so I’m so happy to be with you.””

It was not a secret and it was not an issue and we kept it quiet,” Bias said.

The couple began dating last year and had a child together.

“I have an amazing, amazing husband,” Bies said at the time.

“It’s just that he has an incredible job and I don’t have a job and we don’t really talk about it because we’re just so happy together.

He has a wonderful family.

He loves me.

He wants me to be happy.”

Bies, who was born in Romania, has been open about her sexuality for years, as she has shared photos on social media with other gay men.

In January, Biel released a song with her longtime boyfriend, former “Bachelor” contestant, Matthew McConaughey, titled “Let Me Love You.”

“I can’t believe you’ve been out since you were 14/15/16,” she sings on the song.

“You’re the first gay man I ever knew.”

Biels latest relationship has been rocky, however, and the actress recently revealed that the actor has been trying to ruin her relationship with her son.

“It’s a really difficult thing to do,” she told People, “because he does things to me that I’m just not comfortable with.

I’m really not comfortable when he does that.””

If he had done that, I would have done everything that I know how to do.

And then he would be the one telling me to stop doing that, and I would be saying, ‘Don’t do that, don’t do it, don.

You can’t do what I want you to do.'”

Watchers statement comes days after actor/model Jennifer Lawrence announced that she is gay.

“You can’t be who you are and be who everybody thinks you are without being a person,” she said in a statement on Instagram.

“And it’s not about who you love, it’s about who and how you love who.”

Lawrence, 34, has also revealed that her ex, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, has made her aware of her sexual orientation.

“My partner has been in the news for a couple of weeks, and we have discussed it and we are open and loving and supportive,” she wrote in a video posted to her personal Facebook page on Monday.

“But we both know that if I were to make the announcement today that I am gay, I don’st think my family or my friends would be so accepting.”

“My family, my friends, everyone has been so supportive of me, and my family has been supportive of each other.

My boyfriend is my best friend and my husband is my closest friend and he is not telling anyone,” Lawrence continued.

“So, it is really important for me to make this statement now.

We need to make a decision about who we are, and if I make the decision that I do, that’s the choice that I make.”

The actress also added that her own relationship with Gyllinhaal has been the most difficult.

“As an actor, as a friend, as an athlete, I’ve been so open with the fact that I have to be a person of my own,” Lawrence said.

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