Mal Malloy and Mal Mal are on to something

Mal Mallowy is the newest star in the male porn business.

The 34-year-old Mal Mal Mal and his wife Mal Malloo have released a new porn film called Male engagement Rings.

The film is being filmed in New Delhi, India.

Mal Malloys daughter Malala was recently killed in the line of duty in Pakistan and the movie is an emotional tribute to her.

The filmmakers aim to use the tragic incident to raise awareness about girls’ rights and their role in the countrys democracy.

Mal malloy is the latest in a long line of male porn stars who have been inspired by Malala’s life story and work.

They are known for their strong personalities and often use humour in their work.

Mal Mal’s previous film, A Million Ways to Die, was shot in Mumbai.

Malal’s first male porn film, My Brother’s Keeper, was released in 2009 and he has since starred in many other films including Malayalam films, Telugu films and a handful of Indian films.

Mala Malloy, who is now 33, has been married to Mal Mallooy for a decade.

The couple has two children.

Malas wife Malala is currently being treated in the US for her injuries in the shooting of her video, Malala Mala, which has become a symbol of the protests that followed the assassination of her father, Malal Bains murder.

Malala Malloy has been making films for a few years now.

He is also a well-known producer of male movies in India.

Mal Malloy’s latest film, Male engagement rings, is set to be released on January 26.

Male engagement rings is the first film by Mal Malloi, the latest Indian male porn star to be promoted by his company.

It is a very positive sign that Mal Malloa is taking the fight for female equality more seriously.

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