How to make the perfect male wedding ring

The Dublin man who created a ring that can attract the attention of a man who might not otherwise find it attractive has told his story in a podcast.

In a podcast released on Thursday, Adam Male was interviewed about the ring and his life since his discovery.

Adam Male is an Irish man with long hair and he began to notice something unusual about the way his wife had groomed their son when he was a teenager.

He was told that the man’s hair was long and his beard had been shaved, which led him to believe that he had a male pattern baldness.

Adam says he did not realise at the time that he was “becoming a male” until he began wearing a beard and began to grow his hair out.

Adam was a little frustrated and then realised he was becoming a man when he became obsessed with finding a new ring for his son.

Adam started a website where people could buy his new rings and he was receiving a lot of interest.

“It’s all about getting people to buy the ring,” he said.

Adam had never seen anything like this before and he wanted to know if anyone else could do this.

Adam began researching about the possibility of growing a male ring.

“It was a lot more difficult than I had imagined,” he says.

Adam found a website called and on its homepage he shared with others the information about growing a ring and he even included a link to a video.

Adam says he started to share this information and the interest grew and the number of people wanting to buy his rings grew.

Adam said that his son loved the ring so much that he would take it off his head every day, even though it was no longer his son’s.

Adam and his wife also began to meet other men who wanted to grow their hair and Adam was getting more requests from men who had done this.

Adam said that he thought of it as a hobby, not as something that would be a major part of their life.

Adam’s son started to get excited about the idea of getting his hair cut, so Adam started to do research on this topic.

“There’s so many articles on YouTube and the Internet about how you can grow your hair, but there are no books about it,” he told the podcast.

Adam decided that he wanted people to have the information to buy a ring so he decided to create a website for men who wished to grow a beard.

Adam has created an online book that contains information about the process and he hopes that men can find out how to do it.

Adam also started to receive a lot in return for his information and has also received messages of support from his own son.

“I feel a little bit like I’ve been blessed with an incredibly supportive father,” he admitted in the podcast, “which is fantastic, because I knew I would probably not have a father like that.”

Adam said he was surprised to receive so many messages of encouragement.

“Some people say ‘I wish you could do it’,” he said in the interview.

“I’m very grateful for that.”

He hopes that the information can help other men as well, and he has plans to continue his journey of growing his hair.

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