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The Next Facebook has made a few tweaks to the way you can share your posts on the social network.

The latest update introduces a new feature called “Share” that lets you tag your posts with a “share” button.

You can then see other people’s posts, but you can’t see other posts of yours.

Now, when you share your post to a friend on Facebook, you can also see the other people who are sharing it, as well as the “share,” link that you can click to reveal that link.

The new “Share”-style sharing functionality is a big departure from the way Facebook has been handling the sharing of content on its platform.

Previously, if you shared your post on Facebook you’d have to tag it with the word “shared” in the text box.

You’d then need to share the link in your post as well, though you’d need to add a “bounce” or “bouncing” link at the end of the link that was attached to the post.

“We wanted to make sure people could share their content with friends, and we were hoping it would work better with a feature like this,” Facebook product manager Mike Schreier told The Next WIRED.

“When we saw that there was a large number of people sharing on Facebook with the same link, it was a real pain to do it.”

Facebook also has a new “share button” that appears in your feed at the top of every post that you click.

You just have to click it and it will take you to the new sharing button.

The only other new feature that Facebook has added to its site is a new way to add “shared posts” to your News Feed.

The new feature will show up in your Newsfeed, which you can then click to see what other people are sharing.

The “share buttons” you see at the bottom of your News feed can also now be used to add your own “shared content” to the posts you see in the News Feed, though the feature is still quite limited.

You can now see “shared images” on Facebook.

It is unclear if this feature will also be available in the future for users to see their posts on their own pages.

Facebook also introduced a new section in the app called “More.”

This section is where you can add a new post to your “favorite” or your “trending” list, as long as you have the same name.

This will automatically populate your post list for future sharing.

You will also see a “More” icon in your sidebar when you open the app.

The feature is limited, and will be rolled out to all users on September 21.

Facebook says that the feature will be enabled to users on the platform as soon as the company makes a decision on a new release date.

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