How to ‘de-fronzo’ your cat

The best way to turn your cat into an ‘algebra teacher’ is to remove his sex toys.

The popular pet toy is the subject of a new article by The Hill, a daily political news outlet that is owned by the Koch brothers, the wealthy conservatives who have a $400 million political machine and control the media.

In the article, published Tuesday, The Hill says that many men who buy the vibrator, which is sold online, do so because of a “misconception” that it “will improve the quality of their sex lives.”

The article quotes one man who claims that the vibrators make him feel more connected to his cat, but also “sounds a little bit too much like an expensive sex toy to many men.”

The “feminist” website also cites research from the University of Minnesota that found that people who use vibrators in bed with their cats are more likely to have cat aggression, while those who use them on their bed with other cats are less likely to be aggressive.

The article also notes that “most men who purchase the vibrating cat sex toy don’t use it every time they have sex with their cat.”

The author of the article is an expert in cat sex toys who also works as a therapist.

She writes that “in general, men don’t want to do sex with a cat they haven’t got a partner with,” and that “it’s more about getting the cat to respond to the vibratory touch.”

“But for some cats, the vibrations seem to help improve sexual behavior, so if you buy one of these vibrators, you might be helping your cat feel better,” she says.

The Hill does not claim to be an expert on the matter, but its article includes the statement that “there are no known benefits from the use of vibrators on cats.”

It also notes: “For some cats that have not had sex in a long time, it can be very helpful to get their arousal level up, or the vibrations to help them feel aroused.”

But according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cat owners who use sex toys on their cats have a higher risk of transmitting herpes and chlamydia.

“Many of these infections are transmitted by the cat’s saliva,” the CDC states.

In a statement, the American Humane Association called the article “misleading.”

“There is absolutely no scientific evidence that male sex toy use increases a cat’s risk of getting chlamydial infections or sexually transmitted diseases, or increases the likelihood that a cat will be infected with a sexually transmitted disease,” the statement said.

“A cat with sex toys in its mouth is not a sexual partner.”

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