How to create a male pelvis and male body visualisation using a body builder app

Male pelvis image with male body builder icon on it.

The male pelvises shape looks very similar to the female pelvise. 

This image was made by using a male bodybuilder app to create an avatar of a man.

The bodybuilder was a guy and the avatar looked like a girl.

If you want to create more realistic male pelves, you can use different bodybuilder avatars. 

The avatar has two eyes, which are both blue.

The female avatar has pink eyes. 

You can make a male avatar with blue eyes and pink eyes, or a blue and pink avatar with pink eyes and blue eyes.

The avatar can be male, female, or mixed gender.

This is the female avatar. 

To create a female avatar, simply use the male avatar’s eyes to add a white outline to the avatar’s head. 

For a male head, you will need to create two separate avatars for each side.

You can use the same avatar for both the male and female head.

This female head avatar was created using an avatar editor and an image editor. 

Next, you need to add an image that will represent the head.

To do this, open the bodybuilder editor, click on the image, and select the Add button.

Next, click the Add icon and select a male or female bodybuilder avatar to add to the body builder editor.

You should see a blue bodybuilder image appear in the body builders editor.

To add an avatar that is male, you must first choose a male character and then choose a female body builder avatar.

Once you have created your avatar, click Add to select the male or the female body builders avatar.

Next to that, you should see the avatar icon disappear.

This means you have not created an avatar for that character.

If the avatar is male and the bodybuilders avatar is female, you now have a female version of the avatar.

If your avatar is a mixed gender, you may need to choose the avatar from the Male or Female body builder category. 

Now that you have an avatar, you want it to be male or mixed.

Select the avatar you just created in the avatar editor.

Select Male Body Builder and you should get a new avatar.

Click Add and you will be asked if you want the avatar to be mixed.

You must choose Mixed Body Builder.

The new avatar will appear in a different tab.

If there is no Mixed Bodybuilder tab, click Mixed Body builder to make a new one. 

If you want a mixed avatar to appear with the male body, you have to add another female bodybuilding avatar.

Select Female Body Builder from the Mixed Body builders tab.

Next you will see a new female bodybuilders tab.

Click that to add that female body. 

Select the female and click Add Body Builder to add the new female avatar to the Mixed body builder.

Now, you are finished!

The new male avatar will be made by changing the name of the bodybuilding tab to Male Bodybuilder.

You will now have the male version of this bodybuilder.

To change the avatar name, go to the profile tab, select the avatar, and then select the Male Body builder.

Next click Change name to change the name to male.

The name of your avatar will change to Male Pelvis, Male Body.

You now have an adult male body.

You want to make sure that the male pelvinis avatar is made using a real male body with a real pelvis, so go to a male model and put in your bodybuilder name.

This will make the avatar male. 

After that, the male pelvic structure can be removed.

You need to do this by selecting the male Pelvis icon in the male avatars tab.

Select Remove Male Pelvises. 

Once you have removed the male head avatar, remove the male legs and head.

Once the male feet are removed, remove them too. 

Finally, remove any legs that were attached to the male torso.

Now you have a male Pelvic Structure.

If this bodybuilding app is used on the iOS App Store, the Pelvic structure will be added to the home screen. 

Another way to remove the pelvic structure is to delete the Male Pelvic Shape icon from the home screens.

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