Here’s a man wearing a girl’s face and trying to make a girl feel good

Here’s another male face that’s trying to convince a girl to feel good about herself.

This man is wearing a wig and is trying to “make a girl look good.”

This man, who goes by “M,” has been doing this for over a year.

He’s gotten a lot of attention on Twitter and Instagram.

He posts about how he is “bitchy” and “manly” in real life, but also wants to make girls feel good.

M has had a lot success with this strategy.

He is currently the #1 most popular male face on Instagram.

But what’s his motivation for trying to help girls feel better about themselves?

“I am a man.

I have a penis.

I am a grown man,” M told BuzzFeed News.

“I’m a grown-ass man.

I am the one that’s supposed to be helping girls feel nice.”

M told Buzzfeed that he is a big fan of makeup.

“When you’re a man, you have a lot more confidence in yourself than girls.

I think the only reason girls don’t have confidence is because men are always telling them to be confident.”

M also shared this image of him with a wig.

He said that he was “so happy” to finally be seen as a woman and wanted to share the image with his followers.

M said that women need to “go out of their way to show a good example of themselves” in the photo.

He also told BuzzFeed that his “boys are just so nice.

You see them around girls.

They’re always just trying to be a little bit nicer.”

He added, “The only reason they don’t make me feel good is because I’m a man.”

M said he doesn’t think that it’s good for girls to look like a boy in public because it’s “not cool.”

M doesn’t believe that girls need to wear makeup to be cool.

“What girls should do is dress more like girls, not just for their looks, but for the way they act.

If they don to, then what does that tell girls?

If you’re not comfortable, if you look at the way girls act, they’re not going to like you.”

M explained that he thinks it’s important for girls not to feel like a man to “be accepted.”

He said that it was important to him to try and help women feel comfortable in their bodies.

“Girls are a lot happier and a lot better looking when they’re wearing makeup and not having to pretend to be the dude who’s in the shower with them.”

M’s plan for the future is to start doing “vintage makeup” at home, and he said that his goal is to do more things like this.

“When I get older, I want to start having more girls in my life,” he said.

M said that when he first started wearing makeup, “it was very embarrassing, and a really awkward thing to wear.

And then I got older, and I learned how to wear it.

And I really, really like makeup.

I really like the way I look.”

M hopes that this trend will continue, and that more men will take up the mantle of making girls feel comfortable and confident.

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