‘Doomed’: What’s in the Trump-Ryan healthcare bill? Here’s a look at what’s in it

“What’s in that bill?”

“I want to know what’s included,” said Dr. Susan Stokes, a former vice president at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists who’s been a Trump critic.

“What does this do for women?

How does it benefit them?”

Stokes said.

“It’s an attack on reproductive health.

And that’s what they’re attacking.

We’re going to fight this tooth and nail.”

The House’s bill, known as the American Health Care Act, is a version of a bill that died in the Senate earlier this year.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers released a detailed plan last week for a single-payer system in 2019 that would pay for care at state and local levels.

The bill would provide free birth control for women, paid family leave and subsidies for private health insurance.

It would also allow for private insurance plans with no co-pays and no deductibles.

The plan would not require insurance companies to cover abortion care.

Trump has promised that the GOP health care bill will not be a burden to women.

The Senate bill would require insurance plans to cover all abortions.

But Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, the main voice for reproductive rights in the GOP, said that it will hurt women, including poor women, who rely on Medicaid.

“These proposals will hurt vulnerable women who need the most critical health care in the world, including the most vulnerable, including women of color and low-income women,” Richards said in a statement.

The House GOP health plan was not included in the bill that passed the Senate last week.

The Trump administration has not released details on how much money it would spend on women’s health.

Trump promised during his 2016 presidential campaign that women would get the same health care as men under his healthcare plan.

He’s since changed his tune.

He said that women need better access to contraception, abortion care and other services.

He has also suggested that women who want to be able to pay for abortions should pay for them themselves.

But his administration has so far not offered women any information on how that policy would work.

It’s unclear if Trump would have taken the same stance had the House health plan passed in its current form.

It is not clear if Trump will make a similar promise during his first term.

Trump’s administration has also declined to provide women with information on the cost of birth control, abortion or other reproductive services, a fact that Planned Parenthood officials have pointed to as an example of how the GOP healthcare bill will be paid for.

Stokes says that she is not optimistic about her own ability to provide care to women under the Republican bill.

“I am concerned that this is going to put us out of business,” she said.

A former OBGYN, Stokes is the president of the National Center for Reproductive Health, an organization that provides health care and advocacy to women’s reproductive health in the United States.

She said that many women have struggled to afford reproductive health care, and she hopes that Trump’s plans for women’s healthcare will be more affordable.

“He wants to do what the bill calls for,” Stokes told Axios.

“But it doesn’t look like we’re going back to the old days of when the Affordable Care Act was passed, and we had access to birth control.

I just don’t think it’s going to be that simple.”

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