about the gender presentation of male pose on Google News article By David Aitken, Australian Business CorrespondentBy David AitskenPublished March 08, 2018 07:23:58The gender presentation is a feature of Google News, the search giant’s news aggregator, and it’s something that has been going on for a long time.

But a new article in the Australian Business Courier has gone a step further.

The article features male pose, a feature that has also been available in the Google News app since January 2016.

The story is about a story about a man being shot by police.

The man in question has not been named.

It says the story was about a “senior police officer”.

It doesn’t explain what the man was doing in the picture, or why the police officer was there at all.

However, the story has been widely reported.

One of the reasons why it’s been so widely reported is because it has been a common feature of many Google News stories for a while now.

Google has made it a default feature of the app for many users to see if a story is relevant.

And it’s easy to see why.

Google News users have long been accustomed to seeing images of people posing in male poses and it can be hard to tell if they’re actually doing that.

That’s why Google News has long made it an easy feature to switch to when it’s not necessary to see images of a person posing in a male pose.

The issue of male poses has been an issue for Google News since the company’s inception, and Google News now has male poses as default for most stories.

But it has not always been the case.

Google says male poses have been available since at least 2013.

But it wasn’t until 2016 that the feature was made available.

And the default male pose has been available for years.

Google News had a number of issues with its default male poses for a number.

Among other things, the default poses were frequently blurred out in Google News.

Google News has since made it easier to view the male poses by including the name of the person in question.

But the story also mentions that the male pose was a feature Google News had used to promote itself for years, but it didn’t make it default.

The company says it made the change because the default pose is “unconscionable”.

It says it was a mistake to make the male position the default for years in the hope that users would take advantage of it, and that it “has been removed”.

“We are making this change because we believe that it’s unconscioable for users to be exposed to the male posing in our apps for so long,” the article says.

“Users of Google’s News app should stop viewing male pose in their news feeds and immediately disable this feature.”

Google says that the default man poses feature was introduced in the last few years because it was considered the most convenient way to promote the company.

The Google News team said it was aware of the story and was looking into it.

It’s also not the first time Google News made a gender-related change in the News app.

Earlier this year, Google introduced a feature to make male faces appear more often in a particular story.

This feature was supposed to be temporary and would only last for a day.

But after users complained that it was not working, Google pulled it from the app and later updated the feature for a week.

Google says the default female poses feature will be removed in the next update of the News App.

For now, Google News remains available to see the male and female poses.

Google is currently testing the new male pose feature in the news app.

The News app is available for iOS, Android and the web.

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